Google Excel VBA TimeStamp – Milliseconds using Excel VBA

Excel VBA TimeStamp – Milliseconds using Excel VBA

How to Get Time in Milliseconds using Excel VBA
The following function uses Timer function to get the milliseconds and append it to the current time
Public Function TimeInMS() As String
TimeInMS = Strings.Format(Now, "dd-MMM-yyyy HH:nn:ss") & "." & Strings.Right(Strings.Format(Timer, "#0.00"), 2)
End Function
Timer function returns a Single representing the number of seconds elapsed since midnight.
Another method is to use API Functions as shown below
wYear As Integer
wMonth As Integer
wDayOfWeek As Integer
wDay As Integer
wHour As Integer
wMinute As Integer
wSecond As Integer
wMilliseconds As Integer
End Type
Private Declare Sub GetSystemTime Lib "kernel32" _
(lpSystemTime As SYSTEMTIME)
Public Function TimeToMillisecond() As String
Dim sRet
On Error Resume Next
GetSystemTime tSystem
sRet = Hour(Now) & ":" & Minute(Now) & ":" & Second(Now) & _
":" & tSystem.wMilliseconds
TimeToMillisecond = sRet
End Function
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