Google Highlight Duplicates in Excel

Highlight Duplicates in Excel

sometime we have to highlight Duplicates in excel and later work on them rather then deleting them using option " Remove Duplicates " .
here we will use " Conditional Formatting " for finding-out duplicates .
Let us assume the range we want to highlight duplicates is the range A1:A100.
1) Select range A1:A100 Starting from A1. This will ensure the active cell is A1
2) Go to Format>Conditional Formatting and choose "Formula is"
3) In the right hand box type the formula as show below
4) Click the "Format" button and choose any desired format to apply to any duplicate entries. i advice to use some colour so that later u can " Filter by color " Option .
5) Click "Ok" then "Ok" again .
6) Now use " Filter by color " option to Consolidate all the Duplicates .

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